Regardless of the type of property you own, good management comes down to one thing above anything else: communication.

Our bespoke property management systems and experienced staff can offer a service that rivals the leading property management companies in London. For those times when issues arise, you can be assured that Profin will take care of the situation efficiently, pragmatically, and with the utmost professionalism.

Profin maintains the highest standards and code of practice whilst still maintaining the bespoke aspect and personal touch which is our trademark. The standards we uphold provide our clients with peace of mind that all matters, including the management of the building and accounts handling, are stringently reviewed and overseen constantly to ensure professionalism, transparency, and your best interest at every stage.



We pride ourselves in offering all the services any type of property manager might need including:

Dealing with the Freeholder’s repair and maintenance obligations.
Preparation and administration of ground rent and service charge demand.
Preparation of annual service charge budgets.
Providing annual reports of income and expenditure.
Inspections to common parts at a frequency agreed with the client.
Advising on compliance with relevant leasehold obligations.
Maintaining adequate insurance policies for the client.

Interior Beautification

When developing property, it’s best to not think of the cost, think of the value.

Linear Architecture

Architecture is a visual art and the buildings we develop, speak for themselves.